Saturday, October 29, 2005

Here kitty kitty......

I guess this is what they call blogging guilt.... I haven't had alot of time to do much this week, so I thought I would just post something I did earlier this year. I know it isn't much, but it is my attempt at being a little more stylized and less like the "mouse" style. Still trying to find "my style." Or should I say, just being comfortable with what is my style.


Darryl Young said...

Yahooooo, more of Krista doodles! Great expression and wonderful silhouette. Would look really nice colored (do you get sick of hearing that too?).

Kevin Barber said...


Love the Kitty . ( All kitty's must have color.) (Really like the warm yellow sunkissed glow you added to your avatar logo. )

Dave Pryor said...


Don't feel too bad - I'm happy just to see anything you wish to share.

Remember, to me it's new. Thanks for being honest though.

Very solid drawing - you can tell it came from a Disney calibur artist!