Sunday, January 22, 2012

If  you haven't checked it out, cookies are my newest adventure. I have a Blog and a Facebook page. Recently 22 other cookie makin' women decided to do a fun "Virtual Baby Shower" based upon various fairytale characters. Mine as you can see, was Mulan.

I really wanted a chance here to challenge myself and really combine my love of drawing with my new found love of cookie decorating. So I decided to try a royal icing transfer. For those who don't know, a Royal Icing transfer is made from that really hard icing-Royal Icing. It is piped on to acetate or parchment paper/wax paper and left to dry, just as you would a cookie. But when it is dry you slowly peel it off the paper and place it on the wet icing of a cookie, cake etc.

This was so exciting for me, I could actually take an original drawing (Which I will always love. Drawing, sketching, getting the side of my hand dirty with black or blue pencil. Those who draw alot can relate ;) and place it on a cookie. Well, sounded good in theory.

Here is a little bit of my process.
I started out with a rough sketch. Then I cleaned it up to a single line thinking of how I would be piping lines instead of pencil lines. It's a totally thought process.

Then I decided what colors I would be using and plotted them out on a color sketch. After I have decided what would be piped black and what would be colored, came the job I so do NOT enjoy... mixing icing colors. Just tedious.

 Then I took the cleaned up sketch and taped it to a hard surface. In this case I use my kids Robert Munch book. On top of that sketch I taped a sheet of wax paper. Why? Well, honestly because I felt like I could see through the wax paper better than parchment and I didn't have any acetate. But if I had to do it again I would definitely not use wax paper. I found moisture leaked out of the icing causing the paper to bubble a little, making the transfer warped. And that is why next time I will probably use a sheet of acetate instead.

After it was dried, a few days, I slowly peeled it off and placed it on a freshly iced cookie. And proceeded to decorate as per usual.

And this is what I ended up with. Because it bubbled a little, the transfer broke in half as I was placing it on the cookie. But I just used the icing as paint and "repaired it." Then I used food color as paint and painted on the face on Mulan and the eyes on Lil' Brother. Overall I am happy with how my first transfer turned out. Its all a learning experience!

Thanks for stopping by! :)